"Annexation Survey"
(Conducted by telephone in October-November 2006 across Canada)
[These are just a few of the questions.]

Frank Graves, Ekos Research, guest speaker at the North American Forum on Integration to eliminate Canada
Frank Graves, Ekos Research
Guest speaker at NAFI,
the self-appointed planning commission
for North America's new "parliament"

Q29A   Canada, United States and Mexico should have an economic union like the European Union.
Q25B   There should be free trade between Canada and the U.S.
Q26   NAFTA has been in place for more than 10 years now. What overall impact do you think it has had on Canada?
US44   Over the next 10 years, how likely is it that Canada, the U.S. and Mexico will form a North American Union?
PRNAP   There are a number of social & economic issues which Canada, the U.S. and Mexico deal with which overlap, and ultimately impact the other countries. In the future would you like to see the countries develop policies in a more independent fashion or develop integrated North American policies, in each of the following areas [a scale of 1-7 is offered to grade the response]:
1 = completely independent
7 = completely integrated
4 = somewhat integrated

Banking industry
Border security
Defence policy
Environmental quality (eg air, global warming)
Economic policies
Foreign policy
Transportation industry
Immigration policies
Energy policy / oil & gas
Q44A1   Which of the following statements is closer to your own view?
- with North American economic integration, Canada should harmonize its social programs with the U.S. in order to be economically competitive.
- with North American economic integration, Canada should maintain its current social programs even if it means being less economically competitive.
Q73   In the future, would you prefer to ...
2   use the American dollar
3   move to a unified North American currency similar to the European Euro
1   keep your national currency without changes.
NR19B   Which of the following statements comes closest to your own point of view?
2   The environment is a sovereign issue that should be addressed by independent national policies in each of the North American countries.


1   Given the interdependence of the environment across all three North American countries, we need to develop coordinated North American environmental policies.
NR20   How important do you think it is that governments take increased action to reduce global warming?
NR17   To what extent would you support foreign investment in Canada's energy sector if it would improve the country's economic performance and energy supply?
NR1B   To what extent do you think the federal government is able to set the prices that consumers pay for oil and gas?
NR2B   To what extent do you think the federal government should set the prices that consumers pay for oil and gas?
NR7A   Which of the following do you think should be a more important priority for the country?
1    protecting the environment
2    ensuring that we have an adequate supply of oil and gas to meet our energy needs.
NR5B2   Which of the following two approaches would you prefer governments to use to protect the environment?
2   Encouraging individuals to reduce their impact on the environment on a voluntary basis OR

1   Implementing stricter laws and regulations on individuals

[* The word "individuals" was alternated with the word "companies"; some respondents were asked one version, some were asked the other.]
CUB1   Creating common border policies between Canada and the United States will make all of North America safer ...
JOIN1    I wouldn't be too concerned if Canada joined the U.S. 
* Canada is also going to join Mexico, but this isn't mentioned in the survey question.
Q5C   Police and intelligence agencies should have more powers to ensure security even if it means Canadians have to give up some personal privacy safeguards.
Q87A   Canadians and Americans should be able to work anywhere in Canada or the US
* Mexicans are also to be given full mobility under the "Building a North American Community" blueprint of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, sponsored by the CFR, with Frank Graves of Ekos running the surveys and guest speaking at FINA-NAFI the planning commission for the new North American Parliament
US79A   Personally, I see no need to maintain a strong customs or immigration presence at the Canada-U.S. Border.
NR16A   Canada, the U.S. and Mexico should further integrate ...