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Application for the issuance of a writ of Habeas Corpus
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MONTREAL, 31 August 2007: Launch date of the "PAINT THE MONEY!" CAMPAIGN against North American Union, and the illegal Annexation of Canada. Many, if not most people, have no idea this is happening. That's because we have NO free press. The press and media in Canada are largely controlled by the big corporations who are taking this country down. They therefore place their own people into editorial positions with the last word to shut down articles that might tell the truth.

An alternative that the average person can use is to take advantage of the WIDE CIRCULATION of coins and paper money. Money reaches everybody. Money with just a couple of words added to it, painted on it with nail polish, or a home printer attached to your PC, can bring the important WORDS of NAU and SPP and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) into public awareness. They will then ask, "What does that mean?" And they will go looking for the answers. You can also print important urls onto the bills, which gives people an instant source of documented information.

Paint the money, and get the word out! Make it a family project. If the adults are too busy, get your kids to make it their project. At the end of each day, when you come home, empty your pockets onto the kitchen table and let the kids paint the change and print the message onto the bills. Then put it back in your pocket and your wallet, and spend it the next day. Canadian patriots at every till will pass it through. Do it now, get the word out. We have no time to lose. Make sure not to disfigure the money to the point they will immediately take it out of circulation. Make it work for you. -- Habeas Corpus Canada.

This text will be copied onto your clipboard when you click the button below. Just hit Ctl V on your keyboard to paste it into the code of a page. Replace the XXX's with the image name (i.e. nailpolishpicture.jpg), width and height. The pictures of the money are hosted here, you have nothing to download, unless you want to download them yourself. Please do not change the pictures! The link-back is to THIS page, to tell the people about this campaign.

Legal research and writing of the procedures; photography, design, writing and building of this web site, by Kathleen Moore.

To my beautiful country.

© 2007, All Rights Reserved.

I have been absolutely delighted to stumble
over a video made of my Paint the Money Campaign
by a fellow Canadian patriot.
May you enjoy it as much as I do:

Visit the video author, "Canada Petitions and Causes" at their YouTube channel,
where they so rightly say:

"It's your future. If you don't take Action, who will? Bring our kids home,
send our politicians instead!"

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